BDRC Americas

BDRC Americas
BDRC Americas is an independent market research consultancy dedicated to helping our clients find effective insights to the trickiest challenges.

Our full service consultancy, expert staff and a range of in-house solutions and products make us the perfect business partners.

We are part of the BDRC Group, a research firm offering coverage of global markets through its offices in Washington DC, London, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta and Sydney.

All our clients face challenges which can be addressed by market research consultancy - customers, staff, product development, compliance and more. You need to work with people who know their stuff and can cut through the data to give you meaningful solutions.
We help our clients get closer to their customers, stakeholders and employees by translating research data into business intelligence you can act on. We do this through a range of market leading insight tools and a dedicated team of experts. Whether you define your needs by sector or by business challenge, we have a team which can give you the answers.

We are market leaders in a number of sectors – hotels, banking, media, transport, travel and tourism – as well as business challenges: branding, customer experience, compliance and more.

When you appoint us we want to know where you plan to end up – your goal. We will shape our research recommendations around that, so even if the components we suggest are ‘off the shelf’ the solution will be tailor made for you.

BDRC has created a range of sector focussed research products. Some are syndicated so the cost is shared across several clients, while others are highly detailed sector studies. Each has a proven record of delivering valuable insight and has been developed to meet the evolving needs of dynamic markets.

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